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I didn't see this thread before... Not sure how I missed it...

Nobody in EoS And i can't find my EoT D:
You can do EoT and EoD rescues on EoS.

Originally Posted by PBFHDude View Post
Dungeon Game: Darkness
Team Name: NewMutants
Dungeon and Floor: Amp Plains, 7F
Code: Q40X-2 0X32T@ R-6XFH
[email protected] %%YX0% 2+33SQ
[email protected] QRT=9# TSQT7H
Reward: Thunder Wave TM?
You, sir, have been rescued, and I sent an item to boot.

-XF&HM [email protected] #JK&&5
M3PS+% 5KR%14 8-H&77-

Have fun!
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