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    Originally Posted by Twinkle-Chamst View Post
    So far, I really like this : D
    - At the beginning, the exp and level idea made me feel uncomfortable, but then I guess it gives a more realistic feeling. So you should take the exp indicator out of the pokemon's summary too.
    - The Hype mode reminds me of the "hyper" one in Pokemon Colloseum :0! It'd be interesting to see that.
    - If you can find someone to help with you the character images, that'd help a lot. However, you can always keep the original size... you don't need to resize it x2.
    Big pixels just look wrong in the small window size (like the mystery ball).

    But don't worry too much about the graphics. The gameplay and story is the main thing to be concerned about.
    I'd rather play an original fangame than a pretty looking but boring one.
    Looking forward for more updates -thumbs up-
    Hehe thanx babe
    I've only played on Red/Blue/Yellow/Silver/Gold/Crystal/Diamond/Platinum/Pearl... So I don't know what is on Colloseum, but hope this doesn't disappoint... I will be leaving the screensize how it is... I shall be re-releasing the demo soon, not too sure when, but I will iron out some of the errors that I can see first.

    I've been focusing the last few months on fixing the graphics and such...

    So a new *UPDATE* on that is here, plus a little extra:


    Face graphics are now like this.

    If anybody out there can do more trainers like this, I could use some help .

    **.Homeward Bound starters can now be irrelevant... You can start with any Pokémon from the KANTO region.**

    **.In-game tutorials have been introduced, to keep you up-to-date with new additions to the game.(so you don't forget.)**

    **.New unlockables have been added.**

    **.To check main Rivals within Pokémon: Homeward Bound™ a poster has been added within your bedroom.**

    **.For those of you who don't like to complete a game the conventional way, cheats/glitches have been added.(for your amusement I guess.)**

    **.Different trainers can have different Pokémon battle graphics.**