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    Nikolai Afon - Stockholm, Sweden

    "No, it's okay, stay here with Helena, please. I'll be right back." Natalia seemed a bit annoyed at the change of circumstances, but she walked away, towards the airport. Nikolai watched as she ran towards a wall, then simply walked through it. He was still having trouble getting used to the whole super powers thing, so much of it seemed so unrealistic. It was like he was seeing things, but his brain was telling him that these things were impossible, that his eyes were lying. No doubt he would get used to it soon, especially once he got to the AUP headquaters, where he might be able to learn more about the Atlanteans and his ability.

    When he looked back, the girl who had been invisible had appeared. Just another strange thing that he had seen in the past week. Nikolai ignored the wierdness and looked at her. She was short, but seemed to be full of energy. She looked a bit nervous, as if someone was going to see her and lock her away. Then again, that might happen. To himself too, and Natalia, and Annie, and every Atlantean. Nikolia shook the dark thoughts out of his head. Thats what he was trying to do, not get locked up and studied like a lab rat. And the AUP would help.

    After an awkward moment of silence, the girl, Helena, spoke up. "Hi," she said in English. "Are you too in this... organization, whatsitsname?"

    Nikolai grinned, and was about to respond when Natalia ran through the wall about fifty meters away dragging a man behind her, presumably the Atticus fellow that the invisible girl had mentioned, Helena, that was her name. Nikolai kept forgetting. All seemed to be well, until Natalia booked it towards them yelling, "Everyone, lets go!"

    Obviously something was wrong. Nikolai was about to quesiton it when a few security guards burst through a door and shouted for them to stop. None of them seemed to be armed, but they probably knew someone who was. It was obviously time to get the hell out of here. Nikolai foloowed Natalia and the man up the stairs towards the plane, taking them two at a time. Behind him, Helena muttered somthing under her breath.

    Nikolai got in, then shut the door behind Helena and quickly got in his seat once again, preparing for takeoff, again. He yelled up to the cockpit, "Hey Cooper! How fast can this bird get in the air?"
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