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    I ran into a strange error with the newest version. It is not something that produces an error message. I'm not sure if it was in any other versions, as this is the first one I downloaded (jan. 28th)

    Basically, I've been remaking the Generation I games, and I haven't got far. Anyway, In the route next to viridian city, you can encounter wild Nidoran males and females.

    If you switch to a different pokemon when you encounter a wild Nidoran, the Nidoran's attacks will be time, for the rest of the battle. It will still display the message, such as "Wild Nidoran used peck" or "Wild Nidoran used scratch" but the attack will never play an animation or cause damage, nor will it say that the attack missed.

    I have confirmed this happens in multiple locations and when switching to various different Pokemon. It only seems to happen with the Nidorans too. all others seem to work fine so far.

    The only thing that seems to break the cycle, other than defeating the Nidoran (rather easy when they can't cause damage), is the random chance of the Nidoran using their other move (growl/leer). These moves connect correctly and seem to break out of the error.

    I know this error is obscure and somewhat unimportant, but I have no idea how to fix it, and it is kind of irritating.
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