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    Originally Posted by Alina_Mau View Post
    I don't mind the step downs on the battle bars but I would suggest adjusting them to allow room for the gender sign, it'll fit everything better and look better spaced/planned. I like everything so far though! ^^

    LOVELOVELOVE the new face graphics!!! They remind me of old style Harvest Moon pics X3 ♥ If you need help with pixeling I wouldn't mind assisting ^^
    I would like some help to be honest haha! If you could show me some of your work that would be great...

    You've actually reminded me, I have a better design to go in the place of battle bars, so that will change soon enough, so thanks haha...

    Yeah I figured these face graphics were better, and in all fairness, my other face graphics were place holders, until I could create my own or get some help...

    I have more updates about game-play if anybody is interested, unless you wanna see more graphical changes, or features... I have been working mostly on features in the past few months and a little graphical work...

    There are so many little features I'm yet to disclose to the public, there is just not enough time in the day.