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    Originally Posted by Nickalooose View Post
    I would like some help to be honest haha! If you could show me some of your work that would be great...

    You've actually reminded me, I have a better design to go in the place of battle bars, so that will change soon enough, so thanks haha...

    Yeah I figured these face graphics were better, and in all fairness, my other face graphics were place holders, until I could create my own or get some help...

    I have more updates about game-play if anybody is interested, unless you wanna see more graphical changes, or features... I have been working mostly on features in the past few months and a little graphical work...

    There are so many little features I'm yet to disclose to the public, there is just not enough time in the day.
    In the next day or two I plan to open a pixel gallery showing off my work. (not necisarilly for displaying skill but as a way to keep the stuff from decaying on my comp XD) I did make my avatar that I'm currently using and I plan to continue working on a few more things. I haven't sprited in a long time but I have been making pixel items on a doll site for a while now so I'm not totally out of touch. XD I'll post a link in my sig and let you know when I open so you can see.