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I just finished Yang White last night.
E4 Diffuculty:
Shauntal- 10/10. She outsped most of my pokemon, especially my MVP in this fight, Mismagius. The final fight was my Mismagius vs her Mismagius, I outspeed her's and took it down in 2 shadow balls.
Grimsley- 2/10. My Infernape, Mienshao, and Electivire just used it's fighting-type moves and won.
Caitlin- 6/10. Her Gengar is fast, and it took down my Mismagius in 1 Shadow Ball. At the end, I thought I would restart again, but after my Electivire died, I thought I had no pokemon, but I saw my Hydreigon standing. I used a Full Restore to heal Hydreigon, but her Gothitelle used Thunder and paralyze me again for the 2nd time. I OHKO'd her with Dark Pulse. I used Hydreigon's bulkiness to use revives on my pokes, and that made me defeat Caitlin.
Marshal- 0/10. Close Combat, Psychic, nuff said.

N's Castle-
N- I liked this fight, especially after you catch Zekrom you would fight N.
Ghetsis- I thought he'll fight you after the 2nd round of elite four(btw this is my first playthrough of Pokemon White. Meaning this is my first time playing it).
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Excadrill: 0/8( still confirming.)
Dragonite; LG>LC>E>PT>BB/VW(still confirming)
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