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    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
    Then you did what you were supposed to do
    Virizion is pretty sweet so it just joins you instead of battling you
    lol thanks

    But, besides from the ones I've mentioned before, there are still many other bugs that I think they could be fixed quite easily... for example, some Pokémon give a really small amount of exp. (e.g. a Metagross in lvl 73 gives less than 100 exp., many legendaries only give 17 exp.), and I think that this is not hard to fix. I could actually fix it, if I could open this version of Light Platinum with my hacking programs, but, although I could do it with the prevous version of the game, this latest version doesn't seem to be compatible. And there's also the bug in the Pokédex (many of the Pokémon's locations aren't right)...
    I really think that Wesley should make a final version of this game with some bug fixes, and also with the possibility to complete the pokédex, therefore we would actually have a final goal after completing the game itself.
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