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    Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
    Pokémon XD is a sequel to Colosseum, so if you're eventually going to get both, get Colosseum. XD is longer and has more shadow Pokémon. It also has more features, so individually it is the more superior.
    I never finished XD but recently bought a new copy and started over. I need to replace my Colloseum because I had a bunch of transferred Pokemon I was leveling up I want to get back on Emerald so I can migrate to Gen IV. I loved Colloseum and it didn't get old even after finishing. XD I am so far enjoying about the same. I would say if you want the Ho-Oh get Colloseum , if you want the Lugia get XD. Also Colloseum has the Beast trilogy, and XD the birds. They can both be found cheap enough used I say get both, then play them in the order you like.... Oh and do you have the game cube to GBA adapter? The big advantage is transferring between the game cube and GBA (which is only possible once story mode is complete)

    Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
    Nope, Pokémon Battle Revolution is like Pokémon Stadium. It has no real storyline, just battles. You won't gain any exp, it's more like the Battle Tower.
    Thanks for the response.

    I don't care about story mode.... Just level gain. I'm not going to worry about getting it any time soon then.