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Originally Posted by DrFuji View Post
The copyvar command is being used incorrectly, when you don't even need to use it at all. The first variable you put in copyvar is the destination while the second is the source (i.e the first variable copies the value of the second variable). In your script, variable 0x10AA will be taking on the value of 0x800D rather than the other way around, which is why the script will never work in the way you want it to. In addition, you don't need to copyvar 0x10AA to 0x800D at all, as the 'compare' command doesn't discriminate based on the variable used. Just use this:

addvar 0x10AA 0x1
compare 0x10AA 0x3
if 0x1 call @2
Thank you! Fixed my problem.

I did start at what you gave me, however it didn't work >< but now I'm using 0x4000 it works fine :s

Thank you again, back to re-re-relearning to script.