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So! Let's make a quick summary of everything that has happened in these last two weeks!

Champions League:

-> Lyonnaise look set to go but I don't really trust Apoel at all, specially in Cyprus. It's going to be interesting to see how it ends. Still, the French have the upper hand here, a 1-0 at home is a very good result. (1-0)

-> Leverkusen will certainly enjoy their touristic trip to Barcelona, and take some nice pictures of the beach and the historical zones in the city as the locals start thinking about their quarterfinals match. (1-3)

-> Zenit and Benfica are head-to-head and I actually think Benfica have a better chance to move on than the Russians. One goal at home should be easy. (3-2)

-> Milan will spend a nice day sightseeing in London, but for the opposite reasons to Leverkusen. (4-0 Arsenal)

-> CSKA managed to survive at home, but it's highly unlikely that they'll survive Madrid. Very. (1-1)

-> Naples will probably take Milan's recomendations as to what to visit in London. There is a small chance of Chelsea winning though, although, for some reason, I can't quite see a 2-0 at the Bridge right now... (3-1)

-> Bayern, I know you can do better. Seriously, that was too poor for a host like you. Basel shouldn't stand a chance in Germany, but hey, they did kick United out of the group stage... (1-0)

Europa League

-> Metalist - Olympiacos: After a 8-1 win, Metalis sounds kinda scary. Let's see what they can do in Greece.

-> M. City - Sporting Portugal: Obviously City are the favourites. How far will they make it?

-> Standard - Hannover: Can't honestly say, a very equal match.

-> Valencia - PSV: I'll be rooting for the Spaniards, of course, but... it's going to be hard at best.

-> Odinese - AZ: On paper, Udinese should win, but AZ isn't too bad either.

-> Atlético - Besiktas: Obviously, WE should win this one. Although Turkey is a difficult place to play.

-> M. United - Athletic: Well, United are the favourites despite today's disaster XD Athletic will go to Old Trafford without one of their best defenders too. (But again, I'd rather see our brother team win!).
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