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-I was awake, but I refused to open my eyes and completely release my loosening grip on sleep. Yawning, I stretched out on the bed and stayed in that position for a good 10 minutes before I got over my lazyness enough to get out of bed. My room was dark, thanks to those special curtains in my room, that sun wouldn't get in until I was ready to see it. I walked over to the bathroom, sighing and closing the door behind me. The water was hot, just the way I liked it, even if it was steaming outside I would take a hot shower, not that I felt the heat too much. It was one of the great bonuses that came from being a fire mage.

Closing my eyes, and letting the water run, I began to think of the past days events, mainly that fight I had with Ryuu. When he left that day, he looked at me with that typical, "your inferior" face, but I also felt a hint of respect, which meant he had aknowlaged me. He wants to fight me again, only this time to the death, and he probably will if we ever meet in that arena, no pulling punches, no kind of mercy. The only person that would be around was Mammon...that weird demon girl, and my only real friend in this place...the oly one I could actually trust. Of course I said I would trust Bern, but I never said how much.

After drying and dressing myself I dropped right back on my bed, yawning obnoxiously and closing my eyes as if I could fall asleep once more. I grinned slightly thinking of yet another way to mess with Mammon-

"Rise and shine Mammon, or were you awake the whole time watching me sleep? Thats pretty weird... I wonder if underwold demons actually do sleep, or they just watch their contractees sleep and do other things even when not manifested into a solid form."

-A knock soon started sounding at the door and I looked over at it, glaring, almost trying to disencourage the person who dared knock at my door in the morning, also waiting for the demons response-
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