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Leon Nef-Syndicate Headquarters-Birmingham England

“Well done, but it still took long for you to form them. Only through practice will you be able to do it more quickly. Now before we move on, I need you to do several more.”

Leon nodded and continued to practice without hesitation. He liked the more direct route of telling him about his faults. In fact, he preferred it to secrecy and false deception. By now, Leon had slightly accepted his position in the Syndicate as a lasting one, and he knew he would have to get used to producing these sort of abilities at a much faster rate if he will be facing the kind of enemies he thinks he'll be facing. When he meets them, he has to be just like his ability entails: fast as lightning.

Leon began to perform the required training task again. For now, he decided to stick with forming it with both hands pointed towards each other and separating rather than starting in two hands. It was easier. But Leon eventually decided to move to the second way. It was tougher, and Leon failed multiple times, resulting in premature detonations and explosions, as well as countless times of Leon cursing in Italian. However, Leon was slowly getting the hang of it. He was succeeding a lot more, and mistakes were happening less often. By the end, he was quite please with his progress. He was tired, however, and his hands were tingling in certain places. Leon sat on the ground, panting as he attempted to touch his index finger with his thumb. When he touched them, he found it odd that he felt no contact, as if nothing was there. They were numb. He wondered if this was the result of prolonged use of his ability, and also wondered if he continued using it extensively, and with much more force, would the effects be worse?

“Training for now is finished…” He heard Joshua say. A second later, a man appeared, panting. "We’ve done it sir, it’s complete.” He said. Leon wondered what he was talking about, but Joshua seemed to know, and guided Leon out of the room. He was going to give him a present. Leon wondered what it could be, or more importantly, if he would like it. In the previous room, a table now sat in the middle with a red cloth covering the item Leon believed was his 'present'. He couldn't help but get a bit excited. After all, a secret organization tied to the Atlanteans was bound to give pretty spectacular gifts, right?

Joshua nodded, and the cloth was taken off, revealing the object underneath. “say hello, to your new friend… The Corona.” Joshua announced.Leon gave out a low whistle as the object was shown. Leon walked over to it and picked it up. It was a bit heavier than he thought it would be. Leon felt he had a good idea how it would work, judging by its size and appearance, but he wanted to be sure.

"How does this work, then?" He asked, admiring the weapon in his hand. "And how soon will I be able to use it?"

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