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Ryuu awoke the next morning rather early. Another dreamless night, another lost recollection of how he had ended up from the dining room at night to his bed in the evening. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, and stood with a grunt. He could feel his muscle a bit soar and tense from yesterday's training. Ryuu didn't bother to comb or shower, or anything. He had long disdained for such things, and approached his door automatically, his belly grumbling. He wanted to eat.

Ryuu had recognized the area now, and made his way to the familiar dining room that he had eaten twice before already. He was still sleepy, and it may have been apparent as he entered the area. If anyone were to take note of Ryuu, however, the first thing they would notice is that he was much more docile in the morning.

Ryuu spoke to no one as he gathered an assortment of food from the table in the center of the room onto one large plate. He then poured himself a glass of mineral water, and went to sit in a table close by. Ryuu groaned a bit of tiredness as he picked up his fork and prepared to eat, but stopped himself prematurely, and took a look back at the table with all the food on it. His sighed and dropped the fork back onto his table, and approached the table with the food on it.

"Argh! This isn't where you go..." He said with a weary voice. Lifting the table off of the ground, he began to move it closer to the edge of the room, and with a single heave, tossed it out of the same window he had tossed it out of the previous day. Without another word to anyone, Ryuu went back to his table as he heard the crashing of plates and dishes hit the outside. Acting as if nothing had happened, Ryuu proceeded to eat his most enjoyable meal in recent memory.

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