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    Here's a start I'll finish soon

    Name: Lynn Marie Wolfe
    Age: 16
    Gender: female
    Starter: Vulpix
    Team: Vulpix, Togepi, Emolga

    Species: Vulpix
    Gender: Female
    Nickname: Princess
    Level: 20
    Attacks: Quick Attack, Fire Spin, Flame Charge, Flare Blitz, Attract, Flamethrower

    Species: Togepi
    Gender: Female
    Nickname: Sunny
    Level: 13
    Attacks: Yawn, Psychic, Grass Knot, Shadow Ball, Metronome, Extrasensory

    Species: Emolga
    Gender: Female
    Nickname: Mistress
    Level: 18
    Attacks: Quick Attack, Spark, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Iron tail, Volt Switch

    Appearance: (What your charecter looks like. At least two decent paragraphs. Hair color & length, eye color, skin tone, height, and cloths required, anything else optional.)

    Personality: (Your charecter's personality. Two decent paragraphs minimum.)

    History: (Just at least one fair sized paragraph, I hate writing Histories. Just a bit about their past.)
    Other: (Anything else we should know goes here.)

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