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Scarlet Johnson

Syrena stayed near to Scarlet and kept her warm, they rested under the Oak Tree for a while now and Scarlet was asleep. Syrena got off of Scarlet and poked her, "Hey, wake up Sleeping Beauty!" Syrena softly nudged Scarlet awake. Scarlet flipped her hand to try and get rid of Syrena but she kept nudging her with her nose. "Come on Scarlet, wanna go and save other's? or nap?" Syrena teased, ugh she was right. "Okay, Okay. Fine." Without further notice Scarlet used her hands to get herself up, the Oak tree's shade kept away some of the sun from her eye's. Scarlet stoop up and stepped away from the tree bark. "Great, now that you'r awake we should start the escape plan." Syrena said, in a very soft tone as if she wasn't one bit nervous. Unlike Scarlet.

"Yea, ok let's go." Scarlet began to walk towards Eterna City. Syrena followed behind. "Just be careful, ok? I don't want to lose you Scarlet." Scarlet looked back at the Leafeon, she looked a little bit worried. Atleast she wasn't to only one. "I know what you mean, but come on I can do this!" To tell the truth Scarlet was actually pretty tired and didn't feel like helping anyone right now, just be selfish and have a nap. But this wasn't just for her, it was also for Syrena, and all those poor pokemon spirit wielder's.

Scarlet felt Syrena's tail brush on her arm, how could she be so confident? Eterna City was now in sight, just a little further along was a guard patrol. Perfect. There were four guards in total, hopefully they would all follow Scarlet than just two. "This is it, get ready Scarlet!" Syrena sounded determined? This wasn't how she usually was, what was going on? "Okay. Go hide Syrena, and please be careful." Scarlet stared at her pokemon spirit, she saw her nod. Only if you do to." She quietly whispered before leaping in a tree out of site.

Beginning to build her confidence. She wen't behind a tree and peeked, the guards were talking about something with low voices, but that didn't concern her. When the guards finished chatting, they split up in a group of two, now was the time to attack. Scarlet took a deep breath, then attempted to use a Leaf Blade attack, but it missed. Like supposed to. "Hey!" The guards turned around to see what that came from, Scarlet was next to the tree waving with a smile. "Go!" Scarlet turned around and started to run, all four guards followed behind. Scarlet looked behind he, she could just see Syrena's bushy tail slip in through the entrance.

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