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    It was a nice, sunny Saturday and Dawn was laying down in Arboks coils while he slept.

    It’s been a week since Dawn and Misty adopted Arbok and chose to name him Flame. He has been doing really well with this new life style, and the girls have been doing a very good job of taking care of him. Little did they know that he was planning something to do with them, something they would never had thought that it would happen... he was planning to eat them.

    "I wonder when Misty is going to come back from camp I sure do miss her.", Dawn mused to herself.
    "I’m sure she will be back before you know it.", Flame said. It seems he had awakened

    At first Dawn paid no mind to the answer she got. She then realized who had spoken and stared at Flame with fear and bewilderment. She stood up slowly, not taking her eyes away from Flame and questioned, "Did you just talk?"
    "Yes I did", replied Flame, "and also I am able to use Hypnotic powers."
    "Really? That is so cool. I have always wondered what it was like to be hypnotized."

    Flame said, "Well maybe I can help you out with that."
    "Really that would be so cool.", said Dawn.
    "Are you ready?"
    "Yeah let me have it!" Dawn replied with excitement.
    "Ok here goes.", said Flame.

    So Flame hypnotized Dawn and started to make her do all kinds of things.
    He made her do backflips, frontflips,and even cartwheels. After about an hour of making Dawn do tricks Flame asked, "So Dawn do your muscles hurt?" as she slowly snapped out of the hypnosis.
    "Yes they do.", she said as she rubbed her shoulders.
    "Would you like a massage?", the Arbok offered.
    "Sure that would be great.", Dawn said
    "Ok get into your swimming suit, and we will begin.", Flame told her.

    So Dawn went to the bathroom and got into her swimming suit, and when she came out Flame said "Ok Dawn here we go."
    He started coiling her at the feet and went up to the neck then he started to vibrate his coils. Dawn liked it so much it completely relaxed her muscles.

    chapter 2
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