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    Originally Posted by iLikeboxes View Post
    Just wondering im having a few problems. i keep freezing in route 2 on yin black wondering what i can do.
    I dunno, what to say. This never happened to me, when I was playing it. What are you using...An emulator...r4...What?

    Hmm, route 2...That's pretty early on...What do you be doing, when this be occurring?

    Originally Posted by zantetsu122 View Post
    I just finished Yang White last night.
    E4 Diffuculty:
    Shauntal- 10/10. She outsped most of my pokemon, especially my MVP in this fight, Mismagius. The final fight was my Mismagius vs her Mismagius, I outspeed her's and took it down in 2 shadow balls.
    Grimsley- 2/10. My Infernape, Mienshao, and Electivire just used it's fighting-type moves and won.
    Caitlin- 6/10. Her Gengar is fast, and it took down my Mismagius in 1 Shadow Ball. At the end, I thought I would restart again, but after my Electivire died, I thought I had no pokemon, but I saw my Hydreigon standing. I used a Full Restore to heal Hydreigon, but her Gothitelle used Thunder and paralyze me again for the 2nd time. I OHKO'd her with Dark Pulse. I used Hydreigon's bulkiness to use revives on my pokes, and that made me defeat Caitlin.
    Marshal- 0/10. Close Combat, Psychic, nuff said.

    N's Castle-
    N- I liked this fight, especially after you catch Zekrom you would fight N.
    Ghetsis- I thought he'll fight you after the 2nd round of elite four(btw this is my first playthrough of Pokemon White. Meaning this is my first time playing it).
    Awesome, I'm happy to hear that, zanny.

    Hmmm, you've done beaten two of my hacks thus far, thanks for sticking around. All you got left is Neo Soulsilver; which, in my opinion, my best...LOL

    Anyways, see, I told you that the Elite Four wasn't all that hard on Yin Black/Yang White. LOL...I feel so ashamed. :'(

    Pffft, I bet you had a harder time inside Victory Road, than actually fightin' da league, hm?

    And huh...Caitlin had a Gengar...That's not right, she doesn't suppose to have a Ghost Type on her team. Are you sure it was a Gengar? I know she have Gallade...Did you meant that...But, that couldn't be right, cuz her Gallade doesn't have Shadow Ball...Mmmm...

    Anyhoo, I already knew Grimsely wasn't about anything, dark type aren't really all that resourceful, when coming into defensive stats. The only ones I can think of off the back is Spiritomb and Umbreon...The rest are kinda frail, don't you think?

    Wait, I think Drapion can also fall in that category of having a moderate amount of endurance. LOL

    But...huh...You found Marshel to be easy also? Wah? Seriously? Hmmm, I kinda thought he was a little difficult. Eh, ah, well.

    Now, Shauntel...How she fought came to be a big surprise to me...I always thought she was the easiest. I always thought her Castform and Froslass was the hardest...Well, I guess Mismagius and Relic Song could get under somebody skin, seeing how it almost always put the foes to alseep. LOL

    Anyways, I really do need to revamp the Pokemon and attack the Elite Four members use. I'm gonna do that on the next patch update, so no sweat

    Originally Posted by Shadow97 View Post
    I want to know all pokemons type change
    If you're talking about Sol Plat or Neo Soulsilver, use PPRE to view all stats and moves changes.

    If you're talking about Yin Black/Yang White...There's none included in the docs, but they will be once I update the game again...

    Originally Posted by zantetsu122 View Post
    Wait... If I patch the new one you'll create for Yin/Yang Black and White to my ROM, wouldn't that erase my save file?
    I forgot to mention, I think I can breeze through the E4 and Victory Road really well.
    Nope, as long as you keep the rom's name the same name as your save file.
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