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    Beginning 3D Game Development

    Before we get started I'm going to explain exactly what this is and what it is not. This is NOT a guide for programming. I won’t teach you anything about learning to program, script or code. This you must learn on your own, I will show you some great tutorials to do so. This IS a guide to help beginners understand 3d development. I will show you how I recommend you begin your journey into the 3D world and that it’s not that hard to get started developing 3d games. Again I will not teach you any programming. Only show you how to break into the 3D game development scene.

    Table of Contents:
    I. What tools should you use?
    II. What you need to know.
    III. Where to go from here.
    IV. Where to find great resources.
    V. Afterthoughts.
    VI. Disclaimer

    I. What tools should you use?
    Game Engine: Unity

    In all honesty this is a hard question to answer. I’m going to tell you what I would recommend that I think will be easiest for beginners to learn and use. If your completely new to 3D game development but not new to Game Development then I recommend the tools you should use be Unity and Javascript aka UnityScript. Even if you’re completely new to game development you can still use Unity and Javascript aka UnityScript although it will be a lot harder to learn and use. Why is this you might be wondering? Well the answer is simple because making things in 3D brings a level of complexity, even though Unity is aimed at beginners and makes developing 3D games easier it still requires some work to learn. Don’t worry unity helps with a lot of the complex parts of 3D development and helps you focus on design while it handles the hard stuff. So in essence 3D game development is not as hard as most people think, anyone can do it. All it requires is commitment. If your committed then lets move forward.

    II. What you need to know?

    If you’re going to use Unity you need to learn to know how to use it and navigate in 3D space. If you used a 3D modeling application like Blender or 3Ds max it won’t be that much harder to learn Unity. If you haven’t used any 3D modeling program don’t worry you can still use Unity and it may even be easier to pick up for you, it all depends on the person. To get started using Unity and learn the different controls Click here.

    Also to use Unity you'll need to learn JavaScript. Anything and everything you want to happen in your game must be programed into your game from scratch, well not entirely... Unity's API helps you with this a lot in fact. You'll learn more about that as you learn UnityScript. Don't worry this is not very hard. But before you go searching for JavaScript tutorials on Google outta excitement. STOP! and listen. The JavaScript Unity uses is somewhat different than the Web JavaScript you might be thinking of. There are some similarities between Web Js and Unity's Js but they are at the core different languages. If you use RGSS(Ruby) or any other programming language then Unity's Js should be very easy to pick up. If you already know C#(pronounced See-Sharp) then your in luck because unity supports Using C#. If you don't know any programming language don't worry you can still learn to use Unity's Js to make games. To get started learning Javascript aka Unityscript Click Here.

    That is it that is all you really need to know to get started.

    III. Where to go from here?

    Once you know your way around Unity comfortably, and you've learned JavaScript(UnityScript) then you might be wondering what do I do now? That is a very good question and I'll answer it the best I can.

    Well if your still not satisfied with what you have learned and you want to learn more about Unity and UnityScript I suggest you Click Here

    You can also look into using 3D modeling programs such as Blender, or 3Ds Max

    I have pointed you into the right direction its solely up to you now to continue your adventure into the 3D world or decide its not for you. But if you truly want a career in the Game Development don't quit now because you only have had a taste of what is out there.

    IV. Where to find great resources?

    TurboSquid For great models check out TurboSquid. TurboSquid has a large collection of great models for all game types. It has both free and paid assets.

    3DRT This is another site that has some good themed assets.

    arteria3D This is yet another great site with themed assets. They even sell their assets as unity packages.

    DexsoftGames This is yet another great site with themed assets. They even sell their assets as unity packages.

    Frogames This is yet another great site with themed assets. Their models are more cartoonish than most but still very good site for assets. They even sell their assets as unity packages.

    Archive3d This site has a huge collection of great models. All 100% FREE

    Artist3d This site also has a huge collection of great models. All 100% FREE

    BlendSwap This is another Free 3d models site but it only has 3d modes that come in .Blend format.

    CG Textures This site has a great collection of 2D Textures for almost everything.

    V. Afterthoughts.

    I have explained how to get started developing 3D Games I have linked you to tutorials and resources to use Unity and make game with Unity. Now the rest is up to you. I showed you the way and if your serious about becoming a game developer then the information in this guide is all you will need to get started. So get out there and give it your best. To motivate you I'm going to quote Yoda
    Do or Do Not! There is no try.

    Some advice from me:

    Start small! Don't overreach. What I mean is don't hope to create the next MMORPG just cause you taken up 3D game development. If you think you have a perfect idea for the next great MMO. Box it! put it somewhere in the back of your head and hold off on it. Your just beginning in all honestly you wont be able to make your idea come to life and you may give up because you reached big and came up short. One day maybe soon you be able to make your idea into reality but not yet so hold off..

    Never stop learning. There is always much to learn. Knowledge is power.

    Ask for help, using Unity is not all easy, it can be challenging but never give up. No question is a dumb question as long and your willing to learn but don't expect people to do things for you.

    Remember if you can imagine something it can be made.Almost anything is possible, think it out, figure out how to make your idea come to life and make it so.

    Remember you wont be able to make a AAA game overnight. It takes big companies thousands or even millions of dollars to make games like COD and Elder Scrolls but, that doesn't mean you cant do it just because you don't have thousands or millions of dollars socked away in a drawer or do you? The big game companies weren't always big, they had to start somewhere.

    VI. Disclaimer

    All info in this thread is correct to my knowledge and is my own personal opinion on how beginners should get started developing 3D games. You DO NOT have to follow or do anything I said in this tutorial its simply up to you. If anything is inaccurate please feel free to correct me. Also every site i linked to has their own ToS and Rules you must follow I'd advise you to read and learn them if you want to use their services...

    If you have any questions or comments you'd like to ask me personally please PM me. You can also ask me questions in this thread and I'll answer them ASAP

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