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    I'm a fanfiction writer, so if my post are off... *coughs* blame too many Naruto fics.

    Okay, as it has been forever this CURRENT, SUPER-COOL, TOTALLY AWESOME LIVING CO-OWNER is going to turn on her copy of Black and give you all a rundown of her Shinys. All of them, divided by source.

    Caught on one of my various 3rd Gen and up games (Count: 29)
    Gloom, Vileplume, Bellsprout, Victreebel, Tenacool, Gengar, Starmie, Bellossom, Heracross, Mightyena, Zigzagoon, Linoon, Seedot, Swellow, Wingull, Pelipper, Sableye, Lairon, Manectric, Roselia, Seviper, Baltoy, Dusclops, Absol, Bidoof, Shinx, Gastrodon, Golbat, Typhlosion

    "Clones" (not counted) (Count: 5)
    Tentacruel (from above Tentacool) Nuzleaf & Shiftry (from above Seedot), Claydol (from above Baltoy), Dusknoir (from above Dusclops)

    Trades (Count: 9)
    Ninetails, Machamp, Crobat, Beautifly, Luxray, Budew, Leafeon, Zubat, Espeon (as an Eevee)

    Events (Count: 10/7)
    Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu (only 1 counts), Suicune, Raikou, Entei, Zigzagoon, Zigzagoon, Gyarados, Gyarados (only 1 counts)

    Trade-hacks (not counted) (Count:3)
    Tyranitar, Shaymin, Arceus

    Total Shiny Hunter Club Count: 45 of 56 are Club acceptable
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