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    Originally Posted by Liquid crystal fan View Post
    This is exciting! I have a few questions and a suggestion. I'm relatively new to all this hacking stuff so this will include all Pokemon and space to hold them all in the Pc? Will I be able to transfer newer Pokemon to older games? Can input this on a flash cart put the flash cart into an Action Replay and use Action Replay codes for Firered? What region will this all be located in I would like to suggest adding Crystal Onix or ??? Plate Arceus. Sorry for all the questions this hack/patch sounds awesome don't give up!
    I can answer this. First, Jambo said he probably won't be adding and extension to the space in the PC. You can get rid of a Rattata and Bidoof for the better ones. If you are thinking of trading say Zekrom to a regular Ruby I'm guessing there would be a heck lot of problems. That's because that data isn't already on that ROM. As for the Action Replay codes it may be hard to fit it on a Flash Cart since it will be a large file but even then data has been rearranged so many cheats may not work and ruin the game. Finally, its based on FireRed. Let me remind you that this is not hack but a patch to base hacks on so it is just a updated FireRed that you can edit once completed.

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