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I guess I'll do the same as LDD since none of my shinies are listed.

Exploud [F] Caught in Emerald - Random Encounter (not hunted)
Crobat [F] Caught in Soul Silver - Random Encounter (not hunted)
Audino [F] Caught in Black (I think) - Random Encounter (not hunted)
Musharna [M] Caught in Black (I think) - Masuda Method
Serperior [M] Caught in White (I think) - Masuda Method
Bibarel [F] Caught in Platinum - Random Encounter (hunted)
Staraptor [F] Caught in Soul Silver - Masuda Method
Darmanitan [M] Caught in White - Masuda Method
Beldum - Caught in Ruby - Soft Reset (ROM)
Shuckle [F] - Caught in Fire Red - Random Encounter (hunted - ROM)
Goldbat [F] Caught in Platinum - Random Encounter (not hunted)

Don't know the policy on ROMs now..
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