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    Originally Posted by zantetsu122 View Post
    Yeah, unlike Sol Plat, I stopped after playing Battle Frontier, I still have to do alot of things in Yang White.
    I captured Volcarona in 2 Ultra Balls, and captured Kyurem in A F*CKING POKEBALL. I also hacked in the Legendary Beasts and Celebi so I can get Zoroark(even I have one.)
    Oh, so you didn't do the post game parts on Sol Plat?

    Ya know, like fighting Mars and Jupiter one more time, or treking around that mountain with Buck; I forget the name of the place. Mt...Something...LOL

    I guess it doesn't matter, I usually stop playing after too. LOL I always do the Kanto part whenever I play HGSS.

    I forgot to say something in my last post. I didn't know that this was your first time playing that game. I'm glad you decided to use my mod as your first.

    Okay, anyways...Yeah...I happen to find the post game part on Yin Black/Yang White to be the most challenging part in the game. The trainers are really powerful and smart.

    LOL It's because I gave every trainer you encounter at that point Pokemon a set moveset. I bet it'll be able to keep you on your toes.

    Especially the Riches, I bet you won't be able to beat them...Still, to this day, I haven't beaten them on this hack. LOL

    Anyways, you caught Volcarona inside Relic Castle, eh? I never really bothered to go in there. And WAH? You caught Kyurem with a Pokemon? I bet it was a critical capture.
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