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    Originally Posted by Speedster View Post
    Wow. You already got Alpha 3 out! I really should try to get moving on those movesets. Seems like mainly the only thing holding you back from the final release is small little data pieces missing and bugs. Lots and lots of bugs.
    Well, I knocked off most of the actual "bugs" as it were. Forme pallet loading doesn't work, but that's not because it's buggy, I just haven't done it yet.

    There's a lot of missing data, and I completely removed all the old sprites in favour of newer, better ones - which has resulted in only a few 5th Gen Pokémon actually having sprites.

    I added a bunch of new stuff that I really want people to test. I really want people to try to stretch the new abilities and see if I got their programming right! I posted a list of the new abilities I've added above, so you could refer to that for testing.

    I've adopted the same system as LaZ did for LC, in that I will have a live beta which will contain the latest changes to the ROM, but will almost certainly be buggier than the actual Alpha 3 release. I'm hoping people will appreciate this offer of a latest ROM as it will give some insight into what I am currently working on (if anything).
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