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[OOC: Since it's not too obvious let me state that this takes place within the Great Mash of Pastoria]

Blood; that's what tasted best,especially those of others, it's what the master wanted, it was theforce that propelled the world into state it was now, that which itwas beforehand and soon the aftermath this world would face. It washis face's paint, his lineage, his binding to mortality and his past deeds, but also to the race which he was now so disgraced. As the boy sat there, cross-legged, rubbing green fluid through his wispycollection of now mismatched brown and-green he murmured lightly to himself. “I'll just kill everything else which shares this blood until it is my own and mine only. He'd be proud...” Then he'd stop, two fingers pressing together against the thin antennae hiding within the flowing forest of his head, his other arms crossed whilst he looked out overthe landscape and up to the dusk. “Or perhaps...he wanted me to make them repent. But then without example of the extent of their wrongdoings and how they must pay nobody would.” He shook his head,resting all four of his hands in his lap as he stared off into the sky, practically sensing the exact positions of the oncoming stars in the night,his hair flowing slightly without wind; his antenna’s constant twitching taking care of such motions. Slowly lying back he covered his eyes with one hand and sighed softly, still lying amongst the tram's wreckage, just momentarily longing to be engulfed in the sounds of nature he once detested being told tales of.
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