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    It was now early Sunday Morning and Dawn woke up underneath Flame’s coils, unsure how she got there. The weight of a regular Arbok was already heavy but Flame was even more so, Dawn felt a little numb from the weight. “Man what happened last night?” She asked. The head of her pet rose into view.
    “You were hypnotized, and I gave you a massage, I hope you enjoyed it.” The great snake said.
    “oh now I remember.” Dawn smiled slightly.
    “So did you like being hypnotized for the first time? I hear it’s strange but enjoyable.”
    “Yeah I did it was fun.” Dawn said. ‘Strange but enjoyable’ was right; it was the only to describe it.
    “Would you like to do it again?” Flame asked hopefully.
    “Sure, but after breakfast. You’re kinda crushing me right now.” Dawn grunted
    “Ok deal.” Flame said and slithered off of her heading outside.

    So Dawn and her Arbok went down stairs to eat breakfast. Dawn’s breakfast was oatmeal with apple juice. It was rather plain and she ate slowly thinking of greater things, hopefully she’d see Piplup soon, the little Penguin was with the rest of her team helping Ash win some contest, she didn’t understand why but he’d needed as many Pokémon as he could. Arbok’s meal was three pikachus and an energy drink that is made to help Arboks with their speed and strength. Dawn just sat for a while and stared in amazement at how the pikachus slid down his throat. It was a little disturbing given her fondness for the rodent and she soon lost her appetite deciding she wouldn’t eat with Flame again. After they were both done eating they both went back upstairs to Dawns room.
    “ok Dawn you promised.” Flame said
    “huh? Oh yeah. I know I’m ready.” She sat down.
    “ok here I go.” Flame said looking more and more happy.

    So Flame hypnotized Dawn for the second time. Flame considered his options. Dawn was great fun but two would be better than one, remember the other girl, the nervous one. “So Dawn I bet Misty would enjoy this too.”
    Dawn was under his spell, the girl was suggestible anyway but now she’d do anything “Yeah she would. I’ll give her a call right now. She should be back from camp today.” She said before relaxing under his coils once more.

    Misty was sitting down on the couch watching TV when the phone rang. It was a show about Horsea. Misty sighed unwilling to stop watching “Hello who is it?” She asked the phone and Dawn’s voice answered.
    “Hey Misty, do you want to come over?” She asked excitedly
    “Why are you so excited?”
    “I really want to show you a new trick Flame learned, it’s awesome.”
    “Err Sure Dawn I haven’t seen Flame in a while I’m sure he’ll be happy to see me.” She shuddered.
    "oh, Bring your swimsuit too." Dawn added.
    “Swimsuit? Why? Are we going to swim with water Pokémon later?” She asked brightening up.
    "No sorry. No need to worry about it, Misty."
    "Ok Dawn I'll trust you. I’ll be there soon." She said a little disappointed.

    Misty waited until her show finished then told her mom she was going out, and got on her trusty new bike to go to Dawn’s house. She had no idea what was awaiting her, no idea that their new pet may not be as friendly as he seemed.

    End of Chapter 3
    Will continue and maybe end in Chapter 4
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