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    Could you provide a mirror for Alpha 3? The link won't work for me. It just freezes my browser for a few seconds and then nothing happens, no download shows up. I would really like to see what changes have been made since the last alpha.
    EDIT: nevermind I got it to work by right clicking and selecting "Save Link As"

    Originally Posted by Speedster View Post
    Wow. He is? So every game will have its own 649 patch. I remembered Chao Rush saying he was gonna do it but then he found he don't have enough room to.
    Well there's actually not enough space in the Emerald rom to expand all the tables (names, base stats, tm list, frame 1 table, frame 2 table, palette table, sprite animation table, movesets, cries, pokedex entries, probably some other stuff too). But I could expand to 32mb which is more than enough space. But the reason why I'm not is because I'm a lazy poophead and I don't want to sprite 2 frames for 649 Pokemon, and I don't want to take the time to research how the sprite animations work in Emerald. So the real reason is not because of free space - anyone can expand the rom. The real reason is because I'm a lazy poophead XD