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    Originally Posted by zantetsu122 View Post
    I'm starting my Neo Soul playthrough, and so far so good.
    Current team:
    Ledyba(Mach Punch ftw)
    Awesome. Did you patch it or did you, ya know... :D

    Well, at any rate, you'll see that Ledyba learns a bunch of Draining attacks...Well, Mega and Giga. It was a good catch, trust me. Chikorita learns awhole bunch of egg moves while leveling up, it's still pretty good, tho...And Fake Tears. LOL

    I'm telling you, this will be da most challenging of all my hacks you'd played so far.

    Btw, don't forget to catch something to fight against Falkner...If you go in there with Ledyba and Chikorita...chances are...You're gonna get wiped out. >_<

    Good luck with da rest of your playthrough, zanny. :D
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