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    I had a question about the one in Pallet Town when you step on a certain tile near the grass and Oak comes over and stops you. What is it that causes that and what type of script to you use? From what I'm reading, it looks like Variables? I've been looking at tutorials or videos and there's really no definitive answers on what exactly is used and what it would look like

    For example....walking on the event, Oak appears and walks up to you. That's the sort of thing I'm looking to be able to create. Up until now I've been using PKSV, but if this isn't the recommended program for this I can switch. I just want to know how to do things like this so I can edit or create some new events to spice the game up a bit for friends etc. Not really getting into the making an entirely new game scene, but I would like to know how to do small things like this. Doing well up until this. Thanks for any help.