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    I've asked this ages ago in this thread, but I guess I wouldn't dig 100 pages just for my post, but. I got a 100% clean Ruby ROM, I patched it using Lunar IPS and when I started it, white screen. I already changed the save type to Flash 128k, and I couldn't download the already-patched-English because it was deleted. It worked last time, but that was months ago and the already-patched-English was still there. Is Wesley inactive? I would like him to re-upload the already-patched or someone else do it.

    EDIT : Nevermind, got it to work! To those with white screens :

    Google this : "Ruby (U) v1.0"
    and download it from a Mediafire result, normal patching using the Light Platinum (English).ips should work and also don't forget to set Save Type to Flash 128k.
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