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Originally Posted by leachim_paloyz15 View Post
Rina's drumset - 100% Done

CANTA's moveset has been altered a bit. (THUNDERSHOCK has been replaced with SHADOW BALL.)
Also shows the new BattleBox Menu. (Color: Blue)
Drumset looks great!

As to Canta's movepool, you're setting it up to be a very overpowered Pokémon. Shadowball is more the equivilent of thunderbolt or thunder itself, which you wouldn't expect to find until lv.25/35 minimum. Try a Dark move rather than Ghost such as Bite or Thief or something more fitting for a lv. 5 dark monster - even tackle would work!

After reading the 'Story' section I don't really understand where this is going - you get a Pokémon to travel to see a band... but then what? Do you get there and it's finished? What kind of troubles are there a long the way? Is there a scandal surrounding SCANDAL that could be hinted at in the 'story'?
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