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    Ok I am back
    Zudomon- Horn Tusk, Vulcans Hammer
    Coelamon- Fossil bite, Ancient bite
    Unimon- Horn Blaster, Aerial Gallop
    Augomon- Claw attack, pepper breath
    Birdramon- Meteor wing, fire flapping
    Greymon- Great horns attack, nova blast
    SkullGreymon- Dark Shot, Double dark Shot
    Wizardmon- thunder blaster, magical game
    tortomon- Spinning Attack, strong carapace
    Octomon- Spurting Ink, Octopus Trap
    Rockmon- Rock Ball, Rock Punch
    Kimeramon- Poison wing, scissor claw
    Musyamon- Ninja Blade, shogun sword
    Garurumon- Howling blaster, slamming attack
    Gabumon- Blue blaster, horn attack
    Weregarurumon- garuru kick, wolf claw
    Tentomon- Talon attack, super shocker
    MarineDevimon- Evil wind, darkness water
    Dophmon- dolphine kick, pulse blast
    Angelmon- Angel rod, hand of destiny
    Palmon- stinking attack (Yeah, weird move), poison ivy
    togemon- light speed Jabbing, needle spray
    Triceramon- Tri-horn attack, mega dash
    saberleomon- howling crusher, twin fang
    mammothmon- freezing breath, tusk crusher
    Skullmeramon- metal fireball, flame chain
    Manimon- Puncher, Power drive
    Apemon- Metallic fur, Mega bone stick
    Gotsumon- Crazy cusher, rock fist
    Gomamon- claw attack, marching fishes
    Dokugumon- Poison cobweb, poison thread
    Centarumon- Solar ray, jet gallop
    Ok, I am done now it is up to you. If you want special abilities
    of the digimon just ask me. Also, I was wondering if you
    Epitalp93 could help me with one of my games. Like review it
    for flaws.