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I agree with everything Wolf posted. The stuff about usage stats and "breaking" from Smogon is particularly spot-on imo. But yeah, I think a ladder would be a solid positive improvement. Thank goodness someone is using this thread for what it was intended for. Yay D_A woooo

Originally Posted by Wolf
Also, we should give megausers to every regular (y/n)? For those who don't know, megausers lets the user to make server tournaments.
Can't megausers also do kicks, bans, etc.? I'm bad with server terminology but if so I'm skeptical about this if only because I'm already having nightmares about "anti anti *insert user* is abusing power do something." I feel as though that won't end well. I'd much rather just have server auth return to a few people after a much-needed break. I would hope that this time people don't inflate its importance (it seriously is not supposed to matter at all so there is no reason to grumble, complain, etc. lol)...but yeah, it's also a better way to handle spammers. Yay!

Also I'll be getting the main sticky done. Gen 4 compiled guides will finally be replaced.