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    When Misty got to Dawn’s house she was greeted by Dawn’s mother.
    Dawn’s mother “Well hello Misty I wasn’t expecting you to be back so soon.”
    Misty “Yeah Dawn invited me over.”
    Dawn’s Mother “Oh ok come right in.”
    Misty “Thank you.”
    Dawn’s Mother “Dawns upstairs playing with Flame.”
    Misty “Ok I’ll just head on up.”

    So Misty started heading upstairs to Dawns room so she can play with Flame, and talk to Dawn.
    Misty “Dawn are you up here?”
    Dawn “Yeah Misty I am in here.”
    Misty “So what is this trick that Flame learned?”
    Dawn “You have to get into your swimsuit, before I show you.”
    Misty “Ok whatever.”

    So Misty went to the bathroom, and got into her swimsuit. When she came out Dawn was sitting on the edge of the bed with her swimsuit on, and Flame was lying down behind her. Dawn “Ok Misty are you ready?”
    Misty “Sure let’s get this over with.”
    Flame “Yes Misty lets.”

    Misty jumped up high, and was scared to death for a second. She had never seen another pokemon that could talk. She thought that Team Rockets Meowth was the only pokemon that could talk.
    Misty “did you just talk Flame?”
    Flame “Yes Misty I did.”
    Misty “That’s cool sorry I got scared.”
    Flame “Yeah, and I can also hypnotize people.”
    Misty “Is that why Dawn is just sitting there not talking.”
    Flame “Yeah Misty she really liked it.”
    Misty “How do you hypnotize people?”
    Flame “It’s easy all you have to do is look into my eyes.”
    Misty “Ok can you do it to me?”
    Flame “Sure Misty just Stare into my eyes.”

    So Misty took one long stare into Flames eyes and was completely hypnotized within 10 seconds. Flame “So Misty the trick is I’m going to give you a massage.”
    Misty “That sounds really nice.”
    Flame “Ok here I go.”

    So Flame started to coil around Misty just like he did to Dawn. He started at the Feet and made his way up to her neck. When he reached her neck he started to vibrate his coils.
    Flame “So Misty do you like my massage?”
    Misty “Yeah Flame I do.”
    Flame “that’s good.”
    Misty “yeah it really relaxes my muscles.”

    End of Chapter 4 will continue in to Chapter 5
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