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((OOC: Cobalt is Japanese by the way.))

Cobalt Chimura – New York City, New York, United States

Cobalt moved around in the suit uncomfortably, not only did it itch but altogether it felt uncomfortable to wear. ”That damn Thalia, convincing me to get into this death suit…” he thought to himself, but he was happy, his flight for England was due to leave later today which mean he would be home where he could wear clothes he liked, clothes that actually allowed him to move around and breathe. But first though, the registrations had picked up one of the Atlanteans the Oracle had predicted would be a major player in the upcoming battle, and lucky enough that Cobalt had been in the area to pick him up. He flicked through the profile of the kid on his phone; the information that they had been able to dredge up from different sources. Unlike the AUP, the Royal Family didn’t have the resources such as Annabel Falkner to help out, so getting information and coordination was tough. Cobalt shivered as he remembered the battle for Anna when she was younger, all three organisations had vied for her, and only one was able to recruit her.

”Better the AUP than the Syndicate…” He thought as he wove his way down the streets to the Atlantean Centre. Brian Sheppard had just been flagged registering about five minutes ago so Cobalt made a beeline for the Atlantean Centre after heading for his house, and was lucky he didn’t live over the other side of the city.

Walking into the air conditioned Atlantean Centre was nice, a lot warmer than the weather outside, and a nice break from walking, despite his preference to walk along the earth rather than in a metal death trap. Entering, he noticed the line of people that cued up, so he flashed the guard his Atlantean Registration Card, and laughed as the guard was caught off guard with someone so special.

“Right this way, sir.” He showed Cobalt through into the screening room and on to the waiting room where a fair few people occupied the seats and floor. Cobalt had to admit, he was taken a little off guard with the amount of people whom had registered so far, he didn’t quite think there had been that many to begin with.

“Could Brian Sheppard please come with us,” the guard announced, and Cobalt watched as the boy got up and made his way over to them.

It was now Cobalt’s turn to talk, “follow me, please.” He told Brian before turning around and walking out through a back door, Brian following behind. Now out in the world outside, earth beneath his feet and sky above his head, he removed his sunglasses, “Nice to meet you Brian Sheppard, I am Cobalt Chimura, one of the leaders of the Atlantean Royal family.” Cobalt started walking down the street, starting up conversation with Brian, “So Brian, tell me about your ability, then I will be happy to answer any questions you have,” finishing with a big smile.
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