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The sun was shining down on the fields and the road outside of Eterna City and its sorroundings, and Al was happily floating a couple of inches above the ground, finishing up eating an apple he had stolen from some poor kid on his way back home to the town.

It hadn’t taken much of a scare for the kid to drop his ‘bounty’ and run off, but Al appearing in front of him and yelling out had done the trick.

He popped the remains of the apple into his mouth and bit down on it, chewing contently with a wide smirk on his face. Fog then decide to chime in, though Alfred already knew exactly what he would say. It had been a while since they started thinking a lot alike.

‘Seeee? That was easy! And you were worried he’d be old enough to have a spirit~’

Al let out a laugh to himself and anyone nearby as he licked his fingers clean.

“You’re right! I should start trusting you some more, but… who would ever trust a ghost?”

He grinned to himself, chuckling internally along with Fog as he continued floating along the road towards the nearby forest when he heard some kind of ruckus. Alfred’s ears perked and he decided to turn invisible, moving closer as he spotted another pair of kids, one a boy, another a girl, holding a knife.

Ooooh~ This could be pretty interesting to watch…

He grinned to himself and floated slightly higher up, moving into a nearby tree, where he became visible again, not able to do so for too long, sitting down on a branch, where he had a pretty decent view of the two, his legs wrapping tightly around the branch he was sitting on.

As the two kids managed to untangle each other and had a bit of a staredown, Al widened his eyes, his excited grin broadening.

This is so exciting! What's going to happen...? Better stay hidden for now~
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