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    Originally Posted by tamsheel View Post
    hello n good day.since the last time I wrote the message to you I have several videos on youtube and have edited the titlescreen,but added few new pokemons,wrote a script through youtube help to get national dex,as the one you gave me didn't worked. also I figured out how to hex edit to get every new pokemon you added in your patch entry in pokedex by the hex way you told. Thanx for that. But still I can't find a way,a video or a tutorials to know how to add all these pokemons location in a map is of no help and I know nothing about Hex editing. So could you plz help me with one pokemon location edit and I will figure out the others. I know I am asking you much that too when you are already having project of your own. But I will really appreciate your help if I can know and get all these pokemons in my game, so at last I can play it... I havnt played from the day I am trying ti patch this 649 help.
    Also where is this new patch of yours can't get it...
    Best regards and sorry if its again text written as I don't know what's that. Take care.
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