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Congrats on the shiny Woobat, Vladimir Makarov!

Congrats on the shiny Venomoth, Keruso! I'm sure you'll get a shiny Abra soon.

Congrats on the shiny Tentacool, DDD'SSCEPTILE! Welcome back!

Originally Posted by LucarioGuild7 View Post
Good luck with your sandile Latios Master I hope he shines soon
Thank you!

Originally Posted by Chr. Draco View Post
congrats to everyone with new shinies, specially latios master because his drought finally ended
Thank you!

Originally Posted by G-Money View Post
This is so awesome! I like revival week better than reunion week, though, since it reunion sounds temporary, whereas what's happening now at the SHC is a permanent upswing! It only gets better!! :cer_laugh:
Yes, revival week sounds better.
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