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    Originally Posted by Fireworks View Post
    Found a bug not listed in the OP. My Squirtle was poisoned by a Weedle's Poison Sting in the first Bug Catcher battle and the game crashed.
    Cheers, I'll look into this when I get home from work. EDIT: Found and fixed the bug. Good spot, Fireworks. Change to the Live Beta file to get the fix, as well as some additions to the new moves.

    Originally Posted by Sayan View Post
    Finally, the new alpha's out.

    Btw, do you plan on adding the ability overworld effects that're absent in FireRed? Like Synchronize and Swarm's overworld effects which are available only in Emerald and subsequent games. This's not a feature request or anything, I'm just curious. That along with the EV reducing berries and the animated sprites are the only difference between Firered and Emerald that're important to me (not counting the real time clock, for obvious reasons).

    A Ruby version would also be nice. It'd be interesting to be able to challenge the battle tower with the new mechanics (but that'd also render a lot of the NPC teams' movesets unviable).

    Btw, I'd suggest you give move animations the least priority, as games can be played fine without them by disabling Battle Scene.
    I intend to add their OW effects, but if I'm not guaranteeing anything.
    The move animations already are of the lowest priority of the remaining things.
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