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    Originally Posted by MajorLeagueGamer View Post
    I updated my windows 7 on my laptop, but still cant play the game :\
    Did you try searching the error on Google?

    Originally Posted by dracoflare View Post
    @above It's working on my xp lol.

    Due to the lack of time thanks to the examinations I have played only for five minutes.There are few suggestions...
    Well I am not a game developer like you guys so what I throw might be impossible :x
    But I liked the game map very much, the only fault being that the sprites are off (but you happen to mention that you don't have a reg. spriter so that won't be much of a problem for the next versions hopefully).
    I find the youngster battling the player very abrupt, a word of introduction is important?
    Well at least something more than a "Hi let's fight."
    Also this guy called Dennis happened to gift you a Pokemon.And isn't that something noteworthy? Then certainly your mother would happen to say something about something that important right?
    A sentence of motivational speech or something?
    Also in the scenario in which the weavile and Aggron battle the cries of Gliscor and Blaziken are heard.
    I think it's supposed to be the cries of weavile and Aggron.
    Here are their Pokedex Numbers(Weavile-461,Aggron-306)
    Maybe you should consider adding sometime of pause at few points.Like your mom calling after you reach your new home,its very abrupt.
    The Numel standing beside the old woman should say something when you talk to it right?
    These are things I noticed while playing the five minutes.
    Thank you, the things I pointed out are in the customer(/what ever the correct term is)'s point of view so I hope I am not asking you to something that's impossible to do.

    The flaws I pointed out are simple and small ones which spoil the gamer's attention, I think your game has a great story line judging from the prologue.
    Thank you so very much for pointing these out! I really appreciate your criticism. All of these are fixed in the new version.

    Originally Posted by Zerix View Post
    Just ran into a bug in the beta: When I entered the elevator again in that Battle Challenge place before the first gym, going from B1F to B2F, I get stuck inside the elevator on the second basement floor.
    Fixed in the new version.

    I've uploaded a new version of Pokemon Deep Balance, fixing the elevator bug and edited the stuff Dracoflare mentioned. It's pretty different from the previous release because I was already working on Beta 3. I didn't mean to release this new stuff to the public, but that probably doesn't matter ;) Tiles have been changed in this release, there is an overall better feel thanks to the updated palette, the changed music and some edited graphics. Some maps have been changed too, and the Pokemon sprites are now animated again :3
    Download here:

    I had to use 4Shared for this release, the packages are getting way too big for MediaFire to handle xD Probably due to the animated sprites. If any of you now of a good replacement, please let me know :)