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Originally Posted by Kenpokid View Post
Personally, the thing I have the most trouble with when it comes to Let's Plays is that I hate making multiple short videos, rather than a few longer videos. Typically my series are around 1-10 parts of 40 minutes to two hours. I partially do things this way because I don't want to come across as a view hog, as well as memory constraints - a 100 part LP of a Pokemon game seems pretty steep to me, because even a 15 minute video before compression is around 100-300 megabytes, which really adds up.


I actually wanted to do a group LP of RuneScape or something, but I don't know where to gather players. That's kind of a problem if you're not part of a "group" (such as the Creatures on YouTube)
Usually what I do is record/play for however long I feel like it, save the footage, and split it up into separate videos later.
I never thought of coming off as a view hog, rather I try to keep my videos between 15-20 minutes because it's not too long. This might be an interesting poll to have to see whether or not people like to see more in one LP video, or less.

And I feel your pain on group LPing. I don't have very many gamer friends other than my cousin, but he's more of a speed runner than an LPer, and he doesn't care to commentate. It's a shame, but it definitely is more fun when there's more people commentating.