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    Shadoan, Jack and Jay were heading out on the mart to buy some supplies, then they got on the jungle. ''Jack, you were right. Someone did see the vendors make their departure, I'm into searching for the badge pieces they sell and a tool called a transfer tag, the ability to swap out Pokemon anywhere in the world, though its a 1 time use per tag. We might even find some trainers heading that way as well, meaning more encounters to fight for the components. A trainer mentioned in the mart that the vendors were here and planning to move towards the mountains before sundown. We should be able to get to them before they pack up.'' says Shadoan.

    Then a a guy came from nowhere with black uniform with an ''R'' on his uniform and he steals the map. ''T-T-Team Rocket!!!'' said Jay. Team Rocket was an evil organization that Jay battled before on Kanto. They steal Pokemons and they use Pokemon for their dirty work. ''Twerp?! Hmph! Enough, go Steelix!'' the Team Rocket Grunt sends a Steelix.

    Jack laughs and says that the team rocket grunt doesn't stand a chance with three trainers with eighteen pokemons. ''Alright, go Espeon! Psychic!'' Everyone fights the steelix, it's just like an 3 vs 1 battle. But then he release a huge group of bugs Pokemons. ''Oh no...Espeon come back! Go Charmeleon!'' Since bug pokemon are weak against fire types... but, it was like an huge group vs 3 pokemons. But then 2 trainers jump out to help Jay, Jack and Shadoan. ''Aha! What will you do...oh no!!! The map!!!! Let's go guys! Quick!'' said Jay. All trainers fight the group of bugs and they win the battle., but the team rocket run away... ''No problem! Maybe Jack's mental powers can help us find the map!''

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