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    Originally Posted by arbok View Post
    yeah it would be great to have a team rocket reunion with Arbok and Weezing but I don't see it happening for a while yet. Especially with B&W's fear of pre-gen V pokemon, not even Wobuffet, the 4th rocket, survived the purges. Am I the only one who sees the massive flaw in the reasoning behind not taking any pokemon not native to Unova. Apearantly having a Serviper will make them easy to identify but having a talking meowth, team rocket uniforms and saying a motto including their names is fine.....
    I guess that the thinking behind them apearing less is to avoid the villain decay that got them around mid Kanto but if they wanted a threating Team Rocket I don't see why they couldn't use Butch and Cassidy or even new rockets who work with the trio.
    True, it doesn't make any sense to keep Meowth and not the others in the point of view of the Pokemon universe. As you said, it just makes sense in the real world to make TR look threatening, but it only applies to Wobbuffet, Carnivine and Mime Jr. They could have kept Yanmega and Seviper.

    It would've been fun if Flint joined the trio... Butch and Cassidy are fun, but they could never cooperate with Jessie and James .