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    Originally Posted by ▓ys♂█r░R¶pt▒r¿ View Post
    The chill of the¶Shad▓▓ Dimen♂ion hu♂ge░s█-or soul♂..░♂Fo█ n¶^, it is conta♂ne▓, b¿t ^v▓nt^ally░i█ wil¿ ^e ^re▓d█..¶And ▒hen, the w♂rl▒ shall be░r¶♂ed█with-f♂re and ▓ightn░ng...
    Something is happening... Keep your eyes peeled!
    What. I can make out a couple of words in there... 'The chill of the Shadow Dimension' something something 'it is contained' something something 'fire and lightning'.

    Also, that code doesn't work. I assume it's a team code from its length, but I get 'This team cannot be loaded at the moment' or something when I try it. Interestingly, it seems to be a valid team - normally, you get a different message ('corrupted team file'). Did you use some sort of hacks/cheats?

    Anyway, I've been working on an unofficial bugfix patch. I've fixed a few of the scripts, and will try to do some of the game-crashing maps in the next couple of weeks. I'll upload the scripts file once I've bug-tested it.
    • Dive fix
    • Small Mystery Gift fix (I'll try to revive the Mystery Gift function, and point it at a different address)
    • Replace Phione egg with Manaphy egg, and make Manaphy breedable for Phione
    • Remove move effectiveness messages when targeting Arceus plates; hopefully this should make the battle a bit more bearable when using multi-target moves

    Does anyone know any other script errors I should try to fix? Map errors will be useful too, but I'm focusing on scripts first.

    EDIT: New Mystery Gift:
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