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    I'm gonna make a post about a shiny quest I have going right now...

    So, I have a Nintendo DS Lite sticker/stickers, which cover the top and the inside. It's inspired by Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky, and it was from the UK Pokémon magazine, Pokémon World. The inside of the DS looks like the cover for the game:

    (Without the Meganium)
    And the front is a piece of fan/art:


    My quest was to get all of the Pokémon on the front in shiny form first, and then possibly all of them (apart from Shaymin) in shiny form afterwards. As you can see, I already have Eevee and Riolu (And Shinx chained, but I want another "legit" one)

    So yeah! I don't know when I'll resume this quest, it'll probably just be an ongoing thing progressing a little each time I get one of them. And as I really like all of these Pokémon, I would have gotten them all anyway xD

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