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    Thanks. Never though I was going to get a reply.

    As for the whole Greg being an anti-hero bit, that's kinda a good idea. My main thing if I'm going to do this is that I don't want the audience to lose sympathy with Greg, he is the viewpoint character. I really wanted him to be more of a "candle in the dark" type of hero, but that does give me an idea: Greg is an anti-hero because his morality is "incompatible" with the Pokemon universe: Basically, Unova wanted a Pokemon Knight in shining armor to save them from Team Plasma. Instead they get a disheveled and lost man who only wants to go home. The Pokemon world's way of thinking is pretty much influenced by the interactions between people and Pokemon. Greg(and by extension we) come from a world where this interaction doesn't exist. This could be a good way to show how "real world" morality is not like the Pokemon world's, stuff like that.

    The whole killing is dark thing: That's why I gave Greg a wrench in the story, so he has a way to fight without actually taking lives; there's a reason I dwelled on killing in self defense alot in the last two chapters, and it's why Greg ended up shooting the Luxray in the leg and not somewhere else. Once again, I don't want the fic to turn dark: there's way too many dark fics out there for the genre's own good. I think I'll settle on him just driving his enemies off. Combat's going to be fairly rare.

    About what you said about guns: never knew that. Now that you mention J, I'm thinking about having a small arc with her, though I may have trouble with how to tie it into the main plot.

    You made an interesting point on the sidekick part. How's this idea: Greg's Pokemon sidekick is a Gallade, or maybe a Zoroark to stick to Gen V Pokemon. He/she's your standard knight in shining armor deal, chivalrous and all that. He/she teams up with Greg beacuse A) He's willing to stand up to Team Plasma, and B) He/she views Greg as a pet project, trying to "turn him on the right path to being a 'proper' hero" and such. That would actually be a good way to show the differences in morals between the two worlds, like I said above.

    As for N, I was pretty much planning on him being main antagonist in one way or another. I personally think there's a lot of potential for dialogue between the two; N lived his childhood along Pokemon, while most, if not all, of the Pokemon Greg encounters have attacked him in one way or another. N knows the Pokemon world in and out, Greg doesn't even know who Arceus is, etc etc. The whole N wanting Greg to stay thing was the best idea that came into my head as to why Greg opposes Team Plasma, and actually somewhat ties to the moral I wanted to write about. As to the whole antagonist being the protagonist's biggest enemy thing, Greg and the possible sidekick are really the only two OCs I want to introduce. If I write in too many, the fic looses the meaning of it being set in the Pokemon universe, and I want to write a Pokemon fanfic.

    I actually have Greg's want to go home planned out already, driving the next few chapters: basically, when he hits rock bottom at the realization he's in another world scared, tired, and alone hits, Greg spends a good part of the chapter in depression. He stumbles into Stration Gym, and encounters Cress, Chili, and Cilan. He tells them his sob story, leaving out the part about Pokemon attacking him, and they refer him to Fennel, phoning Juniper to come along to introduce him to Pokemon, formally at any rate. When he arrives, the two explain the basics of the Pokemon world to him, and give him a Pokedex to help him understand the basics of where he's at. They even offer him a starter, but he refuses, because well, if you were in Greg's situation, do you really think Tepig would help protect you against what Greg just saw? When he tells them his story, Juniper even gives him a small speech amounting to "Give Pokemon a chance", which leads into him trying to be kind, which could lead to the sidekick joining him.

    About the whole truth and ideal war thing: The whole doing the right thing I described wasn't about finding a middle ground but more of Greg choosing a third option. I never really though of Kyurem though, that's a good idea. About the tone being changed, an idea just popped in: Juniper and Fennel need a piece to complete the portal that sends Greg home; This piece also happens to be a key part of awaking the dragon N wants to use. That should tie all three of the things I described fairly well.

    About Greg not wanting to go home: I kinda want the fic to end with Greg having a tearful but happy reunion with his family. I originally planned for the story's big moral to be "you don't know what you got till it's gone", but now I'm just thinking about that be Greg's own personal moral.

    Thanks again. if you could reply that would be great.
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