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    Rafael woke up in children city all alone. He looked around and didn't see anybody that is until somebody came up to him. The person who came up to him was way taller so he thought it was an adult. Rafael then looked around and ran for it after escaping the older mans grip. He then saw that he was surrounded on all sides. He then took drastic measures and fused with his pokespirit. He looked at the adults and they charged at me but i quickly moved out the was with a quick attck.I then jumped and a shadowy ball formed in my mouth and went down towards the adults. It was only meant to stun them so that he could get enough time to hide. The plan worked perfectly and he found the perfect hiding place. He ran over there and transformed back into his 13 year old self.

    " That was a close one " He said to himself and he heard another voice saying the same thing and knew that his Pokespirit was saying the same thing that he was. He took a few steps to look around the corner and saw that the adults had all left there. He sighed and thought that this was the only place that he would be safe at. He walked forward and sat down all alone sighing.
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