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I yawned obnoxiously loud as I woke up. It was a foggy morning in Eterna Forest. I pulled out some Cherri Berries from my pocket and tossed them in my mouth. The berries bursted with flavor as I chewed on them. I smiled delightfully as I ate them. I sat up from the hammock that I had built under two strong, huge trees. The trees were huge and all of them loomed over me. It made me feel uncomfortable. Good morning Reggie! Champ said as I stood up and stretched for my daily workout.

“Hey Champ, are you ready for today’s workout?” I asked.

It’s not me who should be ready, you should be ready. Im in YOUR body, so I don’t have to be ready. Champ indicated. He always says stuff like this, but I guess it always reminds me of what Champ really is. He isn’t a human, he is a spirit within me. I wouldn’t be here without Champ, I would probably dead. Another pokespirit wielder would have killed me already.

I pulled on my fighting gloves and did a few push-ups. Okay, Reggie I want you to run to the Old Chateau and back. Five times. Champ said. The Old Chateau was about half a mile away from where I was, I could do it. But I will probably get lost in the trees. I began to jog steadily through the forest in the direction of the Old Chateau. There was a huge lining of thick bushes in the way of the correct path. I was forced to take a left. The fog was clearing up a little bit and I could see the Old Chateau in the distance. Okay, Almost There! I thought to myself happily. I just have to go here and back four more times!

It seemed to get easier and easier as I ran. There was an odd feeling that I wasn’t alone which creeped me out. The fog completely cleared up by my fifth lap and I finished without breaking a sweat. Great! Now we have to find something to fight with. You need to train. Champ explained. I looked around the premises. No one was around to train with. Use this tree as a punching bag. Champ commanded.

“What? No no no! This is a tree! Ill break my hands!” I complained.

Do you know how many times,when i was a pokemon, I was forced to punch trees because there was nothing else to use as a punching bag? I had to punch rocks for Arceus sake! Stop complaining and do it! Champ yelled. I looked around again to make sure that no one was looking. I slowly walked up to the tree. Okay lets try using our Mach Punch. Champ said. I charged back and loaded for a powerful attack. I punched the tree as hard as I could. CRACK! The tree immediately cracked in half as I made contact. The top was slowly tumbling to the ground. In slow motion, I jumped to the side and dodged the falling tree. The loud bang rattled my ears. Good Job Reggie! You can take a quick 5 minute break, im sure your hand is throbbing. I lied down against another tree and rested my hand before I begun to train once again.
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