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    I'm supposed to be studying chemistry, but screw that. Numbers are floating out of my ears at the moment. Besides, this is studying English isn't it?


    Team Plasma is a funny team. Not like clowns or the Harlem Globetrotters, they're just the weird ones. I really applaud the Pokemon company for making them because of how deep they have the potential to be, but simple enough for the childish players and all. Some parts of Unova actually support them remember? But the reality morality vs fictional morality is a good standpoint. Maybe people will start to realize how different Pokemon is, and just how freaking awesome it is.

    I think Hunter J would be really easy to incorporate. Remember the musketeers are legendary, and someone would want them, or want them gone. In this case, someone would probably hire Hunter J to capture them, where Greg gets saved or something and tries helping her maybe? Then this could lead to an encounter with N, because he doesn't like poachers. Just some food for thought.

    I think Zoroark is actually a good match, mainly because it can change into a human and Greg could possibly sympathize? I think it would be funny if Greg decides to travel with the "human" until he figures out that it's actually an illusion. At least that's for an initial meeting so Greg can slowly start warming up and get used to it. Even more, it could pose as a assistant to Professor Juniper because she wants to study its illusions, and Greg could meet it there. Oh the endless possibilities. The only problem is Zoroark are supposed to be rare, but who cares.

    N and Greg have potential to have some awkward chemistry. We'll see what happens, since it looks like you have that part pretty much set.

    A missing piece tied in with the dragons? I think a dragon stone or whatever it was in the movie would be a perfect fit. It's Zekrom and Reshiram, so that'll fit. The stones are kind of like Dialga's and Palkia's, so the stones probably hold a lot of power or dimensional energy or something. That way, Greg has a desire to go about and look for the stones, and he could ask N about that. And he could explain more about dragons, etc. Or he could deny him and conflict ensues. Either way, using the stones sounds solid.

    Yeah, overall the story wouldn't really be "you don't know what you're missing", mainly because Greg is running around Unova like the Odyssey. If you wanted that though, you should probably have Greg worry about his family missing him, and other references. Don't do it in excess though, that'd be too emo and exaggerated.

    Well, glad I could help! Now I can go back to "studying", whatever that means.
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