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(Ooc: xD Oh the irony!)

Kilik Chambers

The girl was able to catch the loaf of bread & ate a chunk from it, then put it inside her jacket. "T-Thanks." He was barely able to hear her thank her. Now, was she going to treat Kilik's wound or run away without helping?

"Are you sure you trust this girl? She seems a bit off." Reiki exclaimed to Kilik. Could he trust her? She was still a complete stranger.

"I'll keep my guard up if she tries anything funny." Reiki wondered about Kilik's answer. Will he really trust this girl? She was just a girl who kills to survive.

The girl took a while to Kilik. "Sounds easy enough! I will try to." She ran to the bushes...she ran off with the bread. Then, she comes back with some cloth. Maybe she wasn't gonna run off. As she got closer, Kilik took a step back still being cautious. She tied the cloth around his arm, on the wound. Looks like she's keeping her end of the bargain. "Done!" She finished. She suddenly backed away from Kilik, looking at the ground.

Kilik examined the cloth on his arm. Not too shabby, it would heal soon. He looked at the girl. "What's your name?" He asked, trying to be as nice as he can. Not many nice people live in this world, & Kilik is gonna try to be as nice as he can. That doesn't mean he'll let his guard down.

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